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Eid Prayers + Eid Breakfast

Join us on Eid   for Prayers at Umm Suqeim Musalla .

(Map shown  below)

Eid prayers are  held for both men and women.

                                 Scheduled time for Eid prayer : 6am
Do not forget to get a prayer rug along with you!
Meeting point @ the Umm Suqeim Musalla
We will be seated on the right side of the Musalla inshaAllah, so enter from the right gate (Ladies Section)
If needed, please contact us: 050-4987717
Eid Breakfast @ the Markaz


8:30am – 11am: Enjoy a scrumptious Eid breakfast at the Markaz with your beloved sisters.

Click below to read about the Sunnah Acts of Eid:

Eid Essentails: https://alhudasisters.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/eid-essentials-c-05162012.pdf


Location map for the Umm Suqeim Eid Musalla:

Nad Al Hamaar Eid Musalla:

Sisters residing near Nad Al Hammar can meet @ the Nad Al Hamaar Eid Musalla. Please contact  Furhanna (050-5942648) for location and meeting point.

Sharjah Eid Musalla:

Sisters in Sharjah can meet at the Musalla shown below. Please contact Sophie for location and meeting point: 050-8971271




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Surprises & NEW classes for the Early Birds!! (16th-21stJune)

Topics of the Week:

7am-8:30am:  New Surah!!!
Early Birds: Reflections from Surah Al Mulk 

 ANNNDDD: A *Wholesome* & personalized   surprise for our dear Early Birds <3 

7am – 8:30am: NEW!!!

Early Birds: Reflections from Surah Al Mulk 

Sister Eman will NOT conduct her Sunday class at Al Nahdah (Dubai Women’s Association) as it is closed. She will continue both the classes next week inshaa Allah


***   اسم الله الودود ***   (in Arabic)

Sunday, 7:30-10pm: Talks in English
Red Blue evening for our Sunday night sisters (packaged with a precious surprise)

**How to be amongst those whom Allah loves?**
8:50pm-9:30pm: Gems from Surah al Fajr
9:30pm-10pm: Seerah

NEW!!! Early Birds: Lessons from Surah Al Mulk
Last few verses of Surah Al Kahf
8:30am-10am:  Lessons from Surah al Baqarah: Ayah 165
***   اسم الله الودود ***:
Second meaning: المودود


Review of all the Names & Attributes of Allah ‘azza wa jal covered this year (Sept 2011-June 2012)

Wednesday (in Arabic):
10:30-11:30am: Tafseer Saadi : Surah al Baqarah
11:30am-12:30pm: Conditions of لا اله الا الله(Arabic)
Review of Surah al Kahf
11am-1pm: Review of Aqeedah

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Schedule (2012) – End on 24th June

 The Arabic classes (all levels),  are now CLOSED for registration.

The Islamic talks do not require registration.

For more details, email alhuda.sisters@gmail.com or call 050-5856214/050-6537869

Location for all the classes: Umm Suqeim 2, Al Thanya Road, Villa 29

Click hereLocation Map

Class description:

The Greatest Delight: 

The Names of Allah azza wa jal  

The name says it all – learning about our Rabb (Lord) is incomparable to any delight on earth. If you seek true happiness, then this class is a must attend!

Early Birds Special:

Begin your day with a wholesome breakfast – Reflections from Juz 27.


This class covers the most essential aspect of Islam – which is the Muslims’ belief. (It covers our Belief in Allah ‘azza wa jal and in all what He commands us and informs us about)

Quran Memorization & Tafseer: 

As our logo indicates, AlHuda is where we nourish our souls. One of the best  and most important ways to do this by developing a strong bond with the Book of Allah.

Thalaathul Usool: 

The Three Fundamental principles

This series covers the 3 most important questions a Muslim will be asked in the grave- which is  1. Who is your Lord? 2. Who is your Prophet ?3. What is your deen?


This series covers the biography of our Prophet (peace and blessings of

Allah be upon him),   the numerous lessons and morals that are derived from his life, and how we can apply these lessons in our daily life.


This class aims to improve the students’ recitation of the Quran by focusing on correct pronunciation of letters and adherence to the rules.

Arabic language classes: 

We offer Arabic Language and Grammar Classes for all levels – beginners to advanced.

Arabic -A bridge to Islamic Culture

 This class focuses on understanding the Quran, and is suitable even for beginners – with little or no Arabic background.

Quran Memorization for girls (8+): 

The girls must attend two sessions per week to be part of this class.(This class will be conducted in Arabic – its a good opportunity for your daughter to pick up the language).

Little Muslimahs:

A special program conducted in English for young girls (4-7years of age) to instill in them  the love for Allah, His Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), and the deen.

New Muslims Program:

A step by step guide for New Muslims covering the main beliefs of a Muslim, along with the essential acts of worship such a prayer, fasting and other pillars of Islam.

Rayaheen al Jinan:

An exclusive, Islamic program for kids & Teens (Girls only) from Ages:  6 -18

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Summer Special: Fragrance of Ramadan

A Summer Programme aiming to revive & prepare our hearts

for the blessed Month of Mercy

Starting on July 3rd, Sunday

Venue:  Al Thanya Road (Umm Suqeim), Villa 29

View map: https://alhudasisters.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/markaz-al-huda-map-parking.jpg

Updated Summer Schedule: July, 2011 (New classes highlighted in purple)

Highlights of the Programme:

  • Profound supplications (Duaa) from the Quran & Sunnah that are frequently recited in witr during the blessed nights of Ramadhan.
  • Selected Hadith on Ramadan related topics from Riyadh al Saliheen 
  • Wholesome Breakfast for the Early Birds: Lessons & Jewels from Surah Qaf
  • Delightful Prayer –  Ways to make your prayer truly joyful and scrumptious (Khushoo in Salah)
  • Fiqh of Siyaam (Fasting)– Educate yourself on the necessary Ramadan related rulings. 
  • * You and the QuranA special series designed to teach us how to ponder upon the Names, Attributes and Actions of Allah ‘azza wa jal by simply using the Noble Quran. 

For further details, please contact alhuda.sisters@gmail.com or call 050-5856214/050-6537869

All classes are free of charge, and registration is not required.  

All our classes are open to Females ONLY!


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