Parables in the Quran

Parables in the Quran

Click below to view/download the screen shots of the online classes on The Parables in the Quran:

Surah An Nur (34,39,40)

Parables from Surah An Nur

Surah Ibrahim (18,24-27)

Parables from Surah Ibrahim


Surah Ar Ra'd (14,17)

Parables from Surah Ar Ra’d


Surah Al Hajj (31,73)

Parables from Surah Al Hajj

Surah An Nahl (75,76,90-92)

Parables from Surah An Nahl


Surah Al A'raf (176)

Parables from Surah Al A’raf

Surah Yunus (24)

Parable from Surah Yunus

Surah Al Hadeed (20)

Parable from Surah Al Hadeed

Parables of Life

Parables of Life

Surah Al Jumua' (5) & Al Mudathir (50-51)

Parables from Surah Jumu’a and Mudathir

Surah Al Ankabut (41)

Parable from Surah Al Ankabut

Surah Az Zumar (29)

Parable from Surah Az Zumar

Surah Hud (24)

Parable from Surah Hud

Surah Al Baqarah (17-20,170-171,261-266)

Parables from Surah Al Baqarah

Surah Ali Imran (117)

Parable from Surah Ali Imran

Surah Al Anam (17)

Parable from Surah Al Anam

Surah Ar Rum (28)

Parable from Surah Ar Rum

Surah Al Fath (29)

Parables from Surah Al Fath

Surah Al Hujurat (12)

Parable from Surah Hujurat (12)

Surah Al Furqan (44)

Parable from Surah Al Furqan (44)

Surah Al Tahreem (10-12)

Parables from Surah Al Tahreem (10-12)

To view/download the entire Parable series, please click on the picture below:

A Story of the Parables in the Quran


One response to “Parables in the Quran

  1. Nusrate

    Jazakum Allah khair to Eman and AlHuda sisters for putting together all these slides and sharing with us.
    May Allah reward you well. In a word where most of the things have copyrights, it is beautiful to see the best knowledge being shared without any conditions but only for the sake of Allah.

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