Student Resources

Please click on the links below to access the notes/screen shots from the classes below:

***Disclaimer ***
Please let us know of any mistakes in the notes posted below.  Email us at .May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings, ameen


  1. Who am I?: من انا؟
  2. Who is my Lord? من ربك؟
  3. Who are my enemies? من اعدائك
  4. What is my Goal? ما هدفك؟
  5. What must I do? كيف الطريق؟


  1. My Mirror
  2. Paradise in my Heart
  3. Thorns in my Path
  4. 20/20 Vision
  5. My Worth



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  1. Farida kabital

    Salam I would to hear the subject on line .

    • alhudasisters

      As Salam Aleikum

      Dear Sister,

      Plz send your email address to

      Jazakullah Khair

      • rukhsar hamdan

        assalam o alaikum,
        dear sister,
        i wanted to inquire about about your institution, if you have one in ABU DHABI.I’ve been looking for islamic institutions for quran classes but haven’t found one in abu dhabi for women. could you please help me with it??

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