Mini Ramadan Treats – Be SUPER Rich!

Daily mini Ramadan Treats  – unveiling secrets on how to be super rich this Ramadan and always (With Allah’s help). 

إِنَّمَا الأَعْمَالُ بِالنِّيَّاتِ، وَإِنَّمَا لِكُلِّ امْرِئٍ مَا نَوَى

The reward of deeds depend on the intentions and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.” [Al-Bukhari: 1/1/1]

The more intentions we hope from Allah for our daily deeds, the more the reward. A profitable, priceless trade…Lets get the max reward, by renewing these intentions everytime we perform them!

Click on the images below:

Mini Treat #1: Intentions for Wudhu

Mini Treat#2 – نوايا الصلاة: Intentions for Prayer

فضائل الصلاة: Virtues of Salah

Mini Treat #3: Intentions within the Prayer

Mini Treat # 4: Intentions for Voluntary Prayers

Mini Treat #5: Intentions for Rawatib & Sunnah Prayers


Mini Treat # 6&7: Intentions for Qiyaam al Lail

(Night Prayers)

Mini Treat #8

Mini Treat # 9: Virtues of filling in gaps and straightening rows

Mini Treat #10: Virtues of Fajr in Congregation

Mini Treat # 11: Virtues of Asr and Isha Prayer



Mini Treat#12 Virtues of Loving someone for the Sake of Allah

Mini Treat#13& 14: Virtues of Remembering Allah 

Mini Treat # 15: Virtues of attending Religious Study Circles 

Treat #16″ Virtues of seeking Forgiveness

Treat # 17: Virtues of Duaa

Treat # 18: Virtues of Sending blessings on the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

Special Treat (#19) Laylatul Qadr and the Last TEN Nights

*Specially for Women* – Last 10 nights

Treat # 20: Virtues of Seeking Knowledge

Treat #21: Virtues of Good Manners

Treat # 22: Virtues of the Quran

Virtues: Visiting the Sick

Treat # 29: Virtues of Marriage

Treat # 31: Virtues of Everlasting Good Deeds

Treat # 32: Virtues of Patience

Treat# 33: Virtues of Pardoning

Treat #34: Virtues of the Day of Friday


5 responses to “Mini Ramadan Treats – Be SUPER Rich!

  1. Nafisa

    Subhanallah….really a treat!!

  2. nazneen

    subhanallah really agreat treat,may ALLAH us to rejoice this treat all through our lives.AMEEN.

  3. seemin

    SUBHANALLAH may ALLAH help us attaining the right path

  4. Sarah shibly

    Mashaa Allah, Jazakallahukhair for such a beautiful and informative colourful treat,
    Its very useful for my Islamic Studies classes

  5. Taskeen Adeeba Sani Ahsan

    Alhumdolillah sweetness without fear of diabetes

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