AlHuda Sisters Publications

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh,

You are welcome to download and distribute the following resources published by AlHuda Sisters for  dawah purposes only! Simply right click on the images/links below to download. (Disclaimer: Please refrain from making any changes/modifications to the books without our permission. These resources must be distributed for free) 

Itifaak book

Click here to download: Night Prayers & I’tikaaf 


Mini Treats – Every Moment is a Delight


Click here to download: NEW: Mini Treats 

Precious Remembrance

Click here to download: Precious Remembrance




Welcome, O’ Seeker of Knowledge!

!!!  مرحبا بطالب العلم

Workbooks/Course books 


Adhkaar bil Eman- Remembrance with Faith

Maximize your Reward 


Beads of a Necklace

Salaatul Istikhaarah Card – Pink

Salaatul Istikhaarah Card – Green

Six Key Steps for Raising Children

Supplications after the Prayer

Invocations for seeking protection

Tools to Ponder Over the Qur’an

Postcard: Equation of Life and Protection



Outside Publications 

Innovations regarding the Quran

Monthly Newsletter published by Masjid Bani Hashim:


Tafseer Surah An Naba (Arabic): 




13 responses to “AlHuda Sisters Publications

  1. Zarina

    JazakAllah Khairun for this!!

  2. Marilou Dunque

    i’m a new muslim..i just did my shahada last 14 of August and i was so inspired with the lessons of beloved sisters in al huda…..through them,i learned Islam and will learn more….thanks to al huda sisters

  3. Asma Shafi Ali

    This is the best ever, Alhamdulilah ,this is indeed from the bounties of our Rabb! I have saved all of these books in my ebook folder,now I can travel easy and light,all saved in my iPad for quick easy reference.Allah swt bless all of my Al Huda sisters ..muaaahh,luv & wassalam.

  4. Kishwerkhan

    Dear sisters
    Jazakallahukhairan,for such abenificial effort,now saved in my ebook and can
    Travel with it ,can’t tell how much it is useful to me.May Allah swt bless with is mercy and Rahma.

  5. Zarghoona

    Dear sisters
    JazakAllah Khair

  6. Sarah shibly

    Jazakallahukhairan sisters for your great efforts and help..

  7. Nada

    jazakillakum khairan katheeran. thank you so much for making this books available to public, May Allah bless you in your righteous work and give you barakah in it ameen

  8. please how can i get your publications in hard copy?

    • alhudasisters

      Assalaamu alaykum dear sis,

      Hardcopy is available at the centre.
      You are allowed to print if you like – with the stated conditions

      Jazaki Allahu khaira

  9. Raziya sultana

    Jazakillahu khairun. Alhamdulillah it’s very valuable knowledge.

  10. shahar banu

    Assalamualaikum sisters, jazakallahu khairan for this wonderful effort,so happy to read and share with my friends and relatives,May Allah SWT guide and help u all the sisters to di mite and more such good deeds,and be a source of inspiration for others like me.My sincere duas to Allah SWT to give success for all my dear sisters of Al huda in both the worlds Ameen.

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