About us

Assalaamu alaykum,

Al Huda Sisters are a group of dedicated Muslim women committed to providing authentic, insightful, and enlightening Islamic education for the Muslim and non-Muslim women and girls of our community.

We are a non-profit organization with members from various backgrounds and cultures coming together under the banner of  Laa ilaaha illallaah (There is none worthy of worship except Allah).

To many of us, Al Huda has become our second home: a place where we not only bond with our sisters for the sake of Allah, but also nourish our hearts and souls in the hope of coming closer to our Lord.

For further details, please call 04-3466551/ 050-5856214/050-6537869 or Email alhuda.sisters@gmail.com

Jazakunna Allahu khaira


9 responses to “About us

  1. Nadia


    I would like to find out more about Al huda sisters. How can i join? Is there a number or person i need to talk to?

    Thank you

  2. saddaf


    hi i would also like to know how to join the alhuda website and be kept in touch with events etc please. Do i join via the email or via a telephone number ?


  3. falaknaaz

    I wanted to learn arabic and I live in dubai. Please if you could help me.

  4. naima khalid

    I wanted to learn arabic and I live in dubai. Please if you could help me.
    and pls help me i learn quran …new start pls must reply me…how can i join u pls tel me …

  5. jameela shakir

    i have recently started attending all the lectures n intend to continue inshaallah but the problem is that i m soon going to change my residence to marina from greens . I wonder if anybody is coming from that side n could be kind enough to give me a lift in the name of allah . please contact me allah will reward u for this inshaallah

  6. nadia shafique

    Asa sisters,
    I have just attended one class so far, its absolutely amazing. I am living i n Oud Metha and i dont have a car. I was hoping if there is a sister who resides in the same area and is kind enough to take me with her, inshallah.
    Also i have a five year old son how needs help in Arabic. If anyone could tutor him, it l be great. Please email me on nadias_7@hotmail.com.
    Jazakallah khair,

  7. meraal

    This is meraal ali from the Teens class i like the lessons and the classrooms is very nice mashallah

  8. Ihsan Taliah Abdur-Rahman

    As Salamu alaikum Ladies,
    I am so happy I found this site. I live in Al-Ain and just arrived to UAE in September from Maryland, USA. I would love to attend a few of the weekend courses. Taliah

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