Sunday, 25th Aug Onward: Evening Class + Online Schedule

Dearest Sisters, 

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Tomorrow’s (Sunday) evening class will be held as scheduled in shaa Allah
 25th Aug, Sunday @ the Markaz
7:15pm -9pm:
Firmness after Ramadan + Light from the Quran (Part 2) 
Please note: We dont have the class for the Arabic Speakers)
We will then close for a 2 week Summer Break in shaa Allah -> which means no classes at the Markaz for 2 weeks. 
Alhumdulillaah during the break, the Online Classes will carry on in shaa Allah!! 
Details below: 
 Online Classes( Starting from 25th Aug): 
Sunday – Thursday
5:15am – 6:15am

Life Project + Mind Map of Surah Al Furqaan
New Comers -> To register, please *ADD Alhuda sisters as contact* @ (no need to *follow us*) 
Conditions to attend the online class:
In order to attend these classes, the student MUST abide by the following rules:

· Headset must be used in order to respect the privacy of the teacher.

· If they are unable to use a headset, then there should be no males of the age of discernment (7+) present with them during the lesson.

· Recording of any part of the talk is strictly not allowed.

. Students must register with either their own name or their kunya (e.g. Umm Muhammad/Bint Muhammad)

This is a trust that is upon the students when they register for the class, and Allaah is our Witness.


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