Schedule: Sept 2012- June 2013

Al Huda Sisters Timetable

  1. Registration fee for the Arabic Classes ONLY – 50 Dhs (one time payment).

The Islamic talks do not require registration and are Free of Charge

For further details, please email or call 04-3466551/ 050-5856214/050-6537869

Location for all classes:  Location Map

Class description:

The Greatest Delight: 

The Names of Allah azza wa jal  

The name says it all – learning about our Rabb (Lord) is incomparable to any delight on earth. If you seek true happiness, then this class is a must attend!

Early Birds Special:

Begin your day with a wholesome breakfast – Reflections from Juz 27.

Quran Memorization & Lessons from the Surah: 

As our logo indicates, our aim is to nourish our souls with the help of Allah. One of the best  and most important ways to do this by developing a strong bond with the Book of Allah.

Ocean of Ilm: Level1: This course is mostly taught in Arabic. Minimum Requirement for the course:  Arabic Level 3

Ocean of Ilm: Level 2: This Course is taught purely in Arabic

Aajroomiyyah (الاجرومية ):  Regarded as one of the best texts for an – Nahw (Arabic Grammar). Very benefical for the students of knowledge to build their knowledge upon.

Thalaathul Usool:

The Three Fundamental principles

This series covers the 3 most important questions a Muslim will be asked in the grave- which is  1. Who is your Lord? 2. Who is your Prophet ?3. What is your deen?


This series covers the biography of our Prophet (peace and blessings of

Allah be upon him),   the numerous lessons and morals that are derived from his life, and how we can apply these lessons in our daily life.


This class aims to improve the students’ recitation of the Quran by focusing on correct pronunciation of letters and adherence to the rules.

Qaidah Nooraniya: This class focuses on reading and writing the Arabic Alphabet and joining the letters to form words.  Suitable for beginners.

Arabic language classes: 

We offer Arabic Language and Grammar Classes for all levels – Beginners to level 4.

Arabic -A bridge to Islamic Culture

This class focuses on understanding the Quran, and is suitable even for beginners – with little or no Arabic background.

Rayaheen al Jinan:

An exclusive, Islamic program for kids & Teens (Girls only) from Ages:  6 -18

Little Muslimahs:

A special program conducted in English for young girls (4-6 years of age) to instill in them  the love for Allah, His Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), and the deen.

New Muslims Program:

A step by step guide for New Muslims covering the main beliefs of a Muslim, along with the essential acts of worship such a prayer, fasting and other pillars of Islam.



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