Journey to Eternity: 4th March – 8th March


Kindly note: Children are not allowed to attend this event as the venue does not allow children indoors. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Highlights of the Seminar:

-Every soul’s journey from the moment of death till it reaches its eternal destination

– The correct belief (according to the Quran and sunnah) regarding death, life in the grave, Resurrection, Day of Judgment, Paradise and Hell.

–      **Practical Workshop** on Washing (Ghusl) & Shrouding the Dead.

–      **Beads of a Necklace**: Signs of the Day of Judgement

–      The Burial & Salatal Janazah (Funeral Prayer)

–      The Ruling & Etiquette of visiting the graves

–      Offering Condolences – between Sunnah & Biddah

–      The Islamic Will

Registration: Free of charge. Event open for ladies only!

Venue: Dubai Women’s Association 

Opposite Dubai Hospital ,Near Post Office , Hamriya

Location map:

Google Map:

For details, please email us at 

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One response to “Journey to Eternity: 4th March – 8th March

  1. fathima

    The classes are very much beneficial.May allah bless those who work behind it
    Jazakkallahu hyru

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