A New Beginning, 9th May(Monday)

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh dearest sisters,
Allaah subhaanahu wa ta’ala says: 

وَإِن تَعُدُّوا نِعْمَتَ اللَّهِ لَا تُحْصُوهَا

“…and if you count the Blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them.” (14:34)

Alhumdulillaahi Rabbil ‘Alameen. We have some exciting and precious news to share with you all. 
 Allah ‘azza wa jal, by His infinite Mercy & Bounty, has gifted us with an invaluable  blessing –  so precious that mere words cannot express its worth, and no matter how much we thank Him for it, it can never be enough. 

Alhumdulillaah, with our hearts filled with gratitude to Allah, we are overjoyed to announce the
 Opening of our very own Markaz (Center) in Dubai!!

Be part of our New Beginning!!


We invite you to be part of  the Opening Day of our Markaz!


This Monday, 9th May (6 Jumada Al-Akhir)
at 5pm-7pm at our Center (Markaz AlHuda) inshaa Allah 

Location:  Al Thanya Road, Villa 29
(Please note: The opening is no longer on Saturday, but instead on Monday  evening inshaa Allah)

Since we have limited parking space, you may park your car at the empty plot opposite our center. 

 Location map:

Please note!!
  • All the Arabic classes this Monday are cancelled.
  • This Sunday, 8th May, we will have our regular Sunday evening program at the Masjid in South Barsha inshaa Allah
For more details, please email us at alhuda.sisters@gmail.com or call 050-5856214


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8 responses to “A New Beginning, 9th May(Monday)

  1. Umm Aqel

    Mabrook! mashaAllah! i feel so overwhelmed with happiness. alhamdulillah, May Allah bless this place and the ppl who frequent it with barakah.

    So this is the big news! Some sisters can really keep secrets!!

  2. Latifa

    My dearest sisters, I wont be able to be in Dubai for this great occasion. However I wish you all the best and may Allah make me able to come and visit you and your centre as soon as possible.
    Wassalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

  3. Khadija

    Dear sisters,

    I am unable to come join you unfortunately cause i am visiting family abroad but i wish you all the best and incha’allah i ll be able to come and visit your centre soon.
    May Allah blesh the place and all the people who visit it or have the intention to visit it.
    Wassalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh!!

  4. Rosana

    MashaAllah! My heartfelt congratulations. May your good work be continued with this new centre. I shall pray for this group’s continued success!!

  5. yasmeen

    Dear sisters,congratulation to all and my dua is may ALLAH SUBHANAHUWATALLAH give all of us more strength for doing more good deeds Ameen.

  6. Nadine

    Asalam alakum sister

    Wow thats wonderful news Mashallah..I just left Dubai …If I had known I would have stayed on to meet all the wonderful sisters again. Inshallah i will be back soon and look forward to meeting you at the new centre.

    Allah bless you all Ameen

  7. yasmin

    MashaAllah….My heartfelt congratulations.May your good work be continued with this centre. With prayers for your continued success .

  8. khurshid

    Assalamo-Alaikum. Congratulations. May Allah the Almighty grant you success in your work and bless all those who are involved in learning/teaching of the Quran. I am shifting to Sharjah in the near future, Inshallah and am worried how I will manage to come for there. Please do pray for me that I am able to do so. Allah give us the stamina to learn and practice Islam.

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