Open Day l 6th October l Wednesday l 10am-12pm

Join us for Morning Tea on  our Open Day!

Venue: Jaame Ali AlHaj Masjid in South Barsha

(View map here: Location Map )

What happens on the Open Day?

On this Day, you have the opportunity  to meet & mingle with like-minded sisters, fellow classmates, and teachers. As students, you are required to register for your Arabic classes, test your Arabic level (if needed), and take your necessary course material. You may also enrol for our special programs aimed at creating a friendly, Islamic platform for the youth & New Muslims. And above all, you get to  experience our diverse,  warm sisterhood, & get a taste of what awaits you!

To view our schedule from October 11th onwards, please click here: New Schedule

All our classes and programs are free of charge in monetary terms, but do require serious commitment and dedication

Arabic classes begin on: Monday, Oct 11th

Program for the youth (Girls only) begins on: Thursday, Oct 14th

Program for New Muslims begins on: Saturday, Oct 16th

(Inshaa Allaah!)

For further details regarding enrolment, please email us at or call 050-5856214/050-6537869

AlHuda Sisters Open Day l 6th October, 2010 l Wednesday l 10am-12pm


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