September, 2010 Schedule

These classes are free of  charge and do not require registration.

Sunday Classes will be held in Dubai Ladies Club

Tuesday & Thursday morning classes will be held at Jaame Ali Al Haj Masjid in Barsha South. Directions are written below

Arabic classes and other classes will be added soon, inshaAllah!

Class description:

*Usool ath-Thalaathah

This series will cover the 3 most important questions a Muslim will be asked in the grave- which is  1. Who is your Lord? 2. Who is your Prophet ?3. What is your deen?

*Aqeedah one:

This series will mainly cover the conditions of La illaaha illalaah (the declaration of faith), the things that nullify Islam, the three categories of Tawheed – the Tawheed of Lordship (Rububiyyah), the Tawheed of Worship (Uluhiyyah), and the Taweed of Names and Attributes.

* Seerah:

This series will cover the biography of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him),   the numerous lessons and morals that are derived from his life, and how we can apply these lessons in our daily life.

Directions to Jaame Ali Al Haj Masjid in Barsha South

From Sheikh Zayed Road, take the Umm Sequim (Lulu) exit. From Lulu, keep going straight until you get to the al Khail road roundabout. Go straight from the Al Khail roundabout to  AlBarsha south/Emirates road.  Then take a  right at the second signal  into Barsha south. Then from the first roundabout, keep going straight, and then take a right at the second roundabout, and then take the first right again. The 4 minaret Masjid in on your right.

From Arabian Ranches, take Umm Sequim Road. At the first working signal, take a left into Barsha (South). On this road, go straight at the first roundabout. As you approach the second roundabout, you will see the 4 minaret Masjid on your right. So turn right at that around about, and then turn right again to enter the masjid.

For more details, please call us at 050-5856214/ 050-6537869


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2 responses to “September, 2010 Schedule

  1. Noora

    As salamu alaykum Sisters, thank you for the September classess schedule, but i am waiting and wanting to start my Arabic beginning classes timetable schedule. I cant wait to know when you will start the classes inshAllah.

    Jazak Allah Khayran

  2. sumaiya

    is there anyone going from karama1 or karama commercial centre area?i would appreciate if i could get a ride.
    if not can i rch the venue by metro if i get off in the MOE stn?are there feeder buses that will drop me nearby?
    kindly reply,jzakallahu khairan

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