Schedule 2010 | Morning and Evening Classes

Bismillaah ir Rahmaan ir Raheem

Please note: Registration for the the Arabic and Tajweed classes is closed. Tafseer, Quran memorization and Islamic talks do not require registration, and new sisters can join in at any time.

The morning classes are highlighted in purple, and  the evening classes  in pink.


  • *The Names & Attributes of Allah azza wa jal* series AND the Memorization & Tafseer of Surat al Baqarah are held at Masjid bin Lahej (Men’s Section), on Jumeria Beach Road, inshaAllah
  • The rest of the classes  are held at the Dubai Ladies Club, the Art Centre. Please note: DLC has a Kids nursery, which charges on an hourly bases.

For more details, email us at or call 050-5856214/ 050-6537869


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16 responses to “Schedule 2010 | Morning and Evening Classes

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  2. Nish Damji

    I would like to register for the Arabic classes on Sunday evening. How do I do this.

    Thank you so much for offering this class at a time when working ladies can attend – sincerely appreciate it.


  3. Meherunnissa Majid

    I am a UAE national who does not speak Arabic and it is difficult for me to converse with people because there first question is why don’t you? It puts me off trying.

    I would like to learn Arabic as a language (both the grammer, vocabulary and Khaleeji style of speaking). I work in the morning so I can only attend evening classes or on Fridays and Saturdays.

    Is there anything that will be available for my needs?

    Best Regards,

  4. alhudasisters

    Assalaamu alaykum Meherunnissa, Jazaki Allahu khairan for writing to us.
    You can attend our Arabic language one class tomorrow evening inshaAllah at 7-8:30pm at DLC and decide if thats what ur looking for.

    Hope u can make it!

  5. Asma

    as salaam wa’lykum,
    i think there is a slight error in the schedule for sunday tajweed 1 class….its suppose to start 10:00 am not 10:30…so as far as i am sure its sunday tajweed 1 from 10:00 to 11:30 am..
    correct me if i am wrong, as alot of people r getting confused n upset as they arrive half an hour late for the class…

    take care,

  6. alhudasisters

    wa alaykum assalaam,

    Jazaki Allahu khairan for pointing out this error. Subhan Allah – it was an error that we didnt even notice!
    Qadr Allah. Changes will made asap, inshaAllah

  7. Jameela (Florenda)

    Salam sisters, thank you for offering classes to our fellow sisters. I am new in Islam and I would like to go for classes as well have arabic classes at the same time.

    My work ends 5pm and only Friday off. Please suggest the classes needed for me and which timings will be good.

    I leave in Rashidiya, is there a nearby islamic center I can go?

    Thanks, God bless

  8. khadija

    Salam sisters

    I was so happy when someone told me about this site.
    I am looking for Arabic classes. Unfortunatly I see that all registrations are closed for the moment. So I would like to know when I can register myself again and if there are other centers where I can learn Arabic.

    Thank you

    Ma3a salama

  9. Sara

    Salamu 3alakum Florenda,

    There are islamic talks offered on sunday evenings at 8:30pm. Additionally, the tafseer surah Al Baqarah and the names and attribures of Allah are repeated online in the evenings for those who are unable to attend.

    For Quran classes, there is tajweed clases on Saturday. However if you are looking for something on Friday, there is Al Kalemah- that provides some halaqahs and Quran classes on Friday mornings. The webiste is

    It is in the Qusais area- not far from your location.

  10. alhudasisters

    wa alaykum assalaam
    Jazaki Allahu khairan sara for the providing the info! :)

    Sister Florenda, are you getting our updates now?

    Khadija, inshaAllah, we’ll keep you all informed when our new arabic classes open up. Would you like to be part of our mailing list to get our updates and reminders?

  11. khadija

    yes thank you. I would like to be part of the mailing list.

  12. zainab haroon

    Asalaam o alaikum,
    i have just moved to dubai from bahrain.and i am really interested in doing tajweed and learning arabic as well.i was doing tajweedthere from dar ul arqum and have passed ahkaam and juz 30 test, now iam on surah Baqrah,can u please guide me as to how i can register.
    thank u

  13. Conchita Garcia

    Asalamu Aleikum,

    I moved to Dubai recently and I am a new Muslima. In Canada, where I accepted Islam 3 years ago, I started taking Tajweed and arabic. But I really want to get the must out of me being finally in a Muslim country. Please let me know of your up coming arabic lessons and all what I can take part of. I also want to know if you have child supervision for the lessons done at the mosque.


  14. Isra

    Asalaam alaikum dear sisters, my name is isra im a revert(almost 3years) from new zealand.Ive been here in uae almost a year now alahmdulilah.I heard about your classes when over hearing some sisters talking about it when i attended a lecture of yasir qadhi and alhamdulilah your website looks very benifical mashaAllah.I want to attend all the classes that dont need registration since Ive missed the deadline.I there any sisters who travel from Sharjah? Im in Al Khan area and desperately want to come ,happy to share petrol costs.

    If there is no one whom can take me is there any sisters whom would like to travel together and share petrol costs, I can borrow my in laws car but to drive by myself just isnt economical,plus I dont know the way Id proably end up in Abu Dharbi lol,inshaAllah let me know please anyone who can help or assist.
    email me or call 06 530 6168 or 05061691189ask for isra).
    JazakAllah khairan.

  15. zufana

    assalamualikkum al hud sisters.

    Im one of the sisters in Islam alhamdulillah. I have learnt that u r having a workshop journey to Eternity. Unfortunately i will not be able to attend as im working. i would be greatful ifyou could let me know if these lectures would be available online or not.

    eagerly awaiting your reply.

    • alhudasisters

      wa alaykum assalaam,

      Yes, inshaAllah – We do intend to relay the workshop on inspeak (online). InshaAllah, we will keep our members updated. If you wish to be added to our mailing list to get updates and reminders, then please let us know.

      Jazaki Allahu khaira

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