Coolness of the Eyes

Coolness of the Eyes

 A Salah workshop conducted by Sister Eman al Obaid 


Successful indeed are The Believers, Those who humble themselves in their prayers… These will be the heirs, who will inherit Al Firdous:They will dwell therein (for ever).” (23:1-11)
In this workshop, we will cover:
– The steps of Wudhu/Ghusl
– The  Importance of the Salah (prayer)
– Step by step guide on how to perform the Salah
– How to truly enjoy and taste the sweetness of each step of the prayer
Date: 23rd Feb, Tuesday
Time: 8:30am- 1:30pm
Snacks and refreshments will be served at the event
Ladies ONLY!
Venue: The Dubai Ladies Club , Main Hall at the Art Centre
To register, please contact
or call 050-5856214

Registration is free of charge. Please register ASAP to reserve your seat!


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