Basics of Tajweed


Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) says: And read the Quran in slow, measured rhythmic tone.” (73:4) “Those people whom We have given the Book, recite it the way it should be recited. They are the ones who believe in it…” (2:121) 


Alhumdulillaah, we are pleased to announce our brand new class:

Basics of Tajweed
Taught By Sister Asma Abdul Kadar

Every Sunday at 11am – 12:30pm  (1st March onwards inshaAllah)
Venue: The Dubai Ladies Club, The Art Center


The course is free of charge

To register, please contact Sister Asma ASAP at: 


By enrolling for this course, you will (inshaAllah):


  •      Learn how to pronounce each letter and give it it’s due right by:
    • Studying the articulation points (Makhaarij) of all the letters
    • Studying the various siffaat (traits) that distinguishes each letter from the other.
  • Become an expert of Noorani Qaidah! :)

 Spread the word around, and seize this priceless opportunity!


Here is a small gift  (please share it with the kids):



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3 responses to “Basics of Tajweed


    I am an Indian who have been living in Bahrain for more than thirty years.

    I desire to learn Tajweedul Quran from beginning to the end part with examples . studies of tajweed in english advisable.

    Thanking you,

    Yours brotherly,

    Abdurahman Mahmood

  2. mufeeda


    i have newly moved to not sure where ‘dubai ladies club’ is..?

    i stay near media city..are there any sisters from here?

    jzkumallahu khairan

  3. razinakousar

    assalam alaekum
    mein tajweed ul quran seekhna chahti hoon aur mein is waqt aapke madrase se kaafi door raheti hoon aap baraye maherbani meri email id per aap tajweed ul quran seekhne ke liye koi qaeda rawana karein to badi maherbani hogi
    jazak allah qaer

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