Want to share the wealth of the Prophets?

 “Certainly, the Prophets have not bequeathed deenar nor dirham, rather thay have bequeathed knowledge, so whoever takes it has taken abundant good fortune.” (Abu Dawood)

We are truly blessed to be amongst those who are acquiring the knowledge of the deen- alhumdulillaah!

The question is… are we willing to take our knowledge to the next level? We are well aware that with knowledge comes responsibility…the responsibility to act upon it, and to spread it to others.

We are pleased to launch our latest project – a project where we bond and work together as a team.


 AlHuda Scribes  


   How would it feel to know that your very own words were a glow of hope for a distressed soul? A nourishment for an aching heart?  What if  Allah put so much barakah in your words that it became a means of guiding someone to the light of Islam? 

Imagine: How would it feel to rise on the Day of Judgement… and  find a mountain load of  ajer (reward) awaiting you without knowing where it came from? How would it feel to discover that it was your knowledge that continued  to benefit people loooong after you departed from this world…?

What is  Al Huda Scribes?

Our mission is to preserve and spread the content of all the Tafseer and Islamic classes taught by Sister Eman. The team will consist of dedicated volunteers, who will compile and edit the main points of the talks, and have it posted on our blog.


scribeWhy should YOU become a Scribe?

– It gives you an opportunity to review and enhance what you  learn

–  You get to be part of  the noble task of preserving the knowledge we are gaining from AlHuda. (Perhaps…one day, you could share this ilm with your great grand kids : – ))

– You get to taste the pleasure of  helping your fellow sisters in Islam. If they are traveling,  ill, or busy with other duties, then they can feel assured that their beloved scribes are busy in their role. : – )

–  Your notes will be posted on the blog. So for each person who reads and benefits from them , you get a share of the reward!

What should you do to be part of the team?

  1. First and foremost: Renew your intentions, and join in to please Allah Alone. Only with sincerity can this project be successful, and become a means to inspire many.
  2.  Email us at alhuda.scribes@gmail.com and state which role you would like to take:

We are currently looking for:

Writers: They will be required to write down the main points (no essays please!!) of the assigned verses. The aim is to keep the points short, clear and simple. Please click on the following link to get an idea of what we are looking for: https://alhudasisters.wordpress.com/2008/08/19/the-people-of-jannah/

–  Editors:They will be responsible for editing grammar/spelling mistakes/checking the Quran and Hadith references etc.

Interested in sharing the wealth of our beloved Prophets? Email us now at alhuda.scribes@gmail.com

May Allah accept it from us, and enrich us with ikhlaas and consistency, ameen. 

  “And is one who was dead and We gave him life and made for him light by which to walk among the people like one who is in darkness, never to emerge therefrom…” (6:122)

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