Hajj Warm-up event!

An Accepted Hajj

Your Journey of Submission 


 Going for Hajj this year? Longing for that rush of faith that mere words cannot express when your eyes first gaze at the Kabah? Hoping that you too can taste that magical feeling that every pilgrim experiences during this once in a lifetime opportunity?


Our beloved Prophet, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, said, “Whoever performs Hajj to this house – the Ka’bah- and does not commit any obscenity and wrongdoing, he, or she, will come out as the day he, or she, was born – pure and free from sins.”


He also said, “An Umrah is expiation for the sins committed between it and the next, and Hajj which is accepted will receive no other reward except Paradise.”







Regardless of whether you are embarking upon this momentous journey this year or not…you are sure to benefit from our upcoming pre – Hajj event: “An Accepted Hajj” conducted by Sister Eman.



Date: Tuesday, November 11th

Time: 9 am – 11:30 am

 Venue: The Dubai Ladies Club, The Art Center

How can YOU benefit from this talk?

 You will (by the Will of Allah):


– Equip yourself with an easy, step by step guide on how to perform the rites of Umra & Hajj

– Discover what makes Hajj acceptable in the sight of your Lord

– Learn the tools & strategies on how to prepare your heart for Hajj

– Study about the common mistakes/misconceptions that occur during Hajj

– Educate yourself about the underlying lessons, the significance and wisdom about one of the great pillars of Islam.

-Get a glimpse, a mere taste of what it feels to be an honorable guest of the Al-Mighty!


Seize this essential knowledge of our deen, and spread the word around to all your Muslim sisters in the UAE!



Please note these details: This event is for Ladies only.Registration is not required, and the Ladies Club has a nursery, which charges 30 Dhs for 2 hours.


For further details, drop us an email at alhuda.sisters@gmail.com


 May Allah grant us all an accepted Hajj – one which is truly Beloved to Him, ameen!


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