In Search for Happiness

Markaz Al Huda welcomes women from all faiths to its special, one of its kind talk on:

 In Search for Happiness 



Every human being in this world craves for happiness. What does ‘being happy’ really mean? What is true happiness? How do we attain it? How do we untangle ourselves from the webs of sadness, remorse and grief?


This Sunday, embark on a monumental journey … a journey of the heart that drives you to achieve every human’s ultimate dream –
True Inner Happiness.


Date: *14th September, Sunday @ 9 pm

Venue: The Dubai Ladies Club, The Art Center

Speaker: Sister Eman Al Obaid


Snacks and refreshments will be served after the talk.


Inspiring, engaging & refreshing! 


Friends and family from all faiths are invited. Attendance is free of charge (Ladies only)


 Please spread the word around. For further details, contact us at


*Please note: Earlier the date was the 7th of Sept, but now it has been changed to the 14th of Sept.


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