The People of Jannah

The Four traits of the people of Jannah (Refer to verses 31- 33)
May Allaah honor us to be among them, ameen!)

 “And Paradise will be Uzlifat to those who had Taqwa, not far off.” (31)

 As an honor to the pious, Jannah will be *uzlifat*- i.e. it will be brought close and near to them.

 Who are these honorable, elite people?

  1. أواب:  Those who return back.
    1. They are continuously repenting, and returning back to Allaah.
    2. They are in a constant state of awareness. When they commit an error/sin, they hold themselves accountable and repent right away; when they fall in a state of despair, they return back by awakening their hope in Allah; when they become forgetful, they remember Allaah; when they sense fear in others, they return back to fearing the one Most Worthy of fear; when they sense their attachment to others, they purify their hearts by loving the Most Worthy of love. They err but their secret is that they return and remain firm and committed to Allaah’s Laws.
  2. حفيظ : The ones who preserve
    1. They preserve their sins so that they can repent and amend their ways. For a believer, it is hard to forget his owns sins as he is continuously holding himself accountable with hope and fear in Allah.
    2. They guard and preserve the laws and commandments of Allaah by remaining within the boundaries set by Him. That is, they follow all laws set by Allaah by fulfilling the obligations and staying away from all the prohibitions. 
  3.  من  خشىالرحمان بالغيب: They fear Allaah without seeing Him. They fear Him regardless of their surroundings.  They are many who may appear fearful of Allaah in presence of people, but true fear is apparent when one is alone- away from the sight of others. Subhan Allaah – one of the people who will be under the shade of Allaah’s Throne is the one who remembered Allaah while alone, and his eyes became tearful.
  4. وجاء بقلب منيب: A repentant heart. They will be the ones who meet Allaah with a heart turned in repentance. They died in a state of repentance, and hence, they will be raised in the same honorable manner. On that Day, the only thing that will matter is the state of our hearts. Only a pure and living heart will enter Paradise – a heart pure from all sicknesses.

Action steps from these verses:


     Recite this profound dua regularly as it carries the essence of all our duas: 

     Allahumma innee as’aluka jannata wa ma qarraba ilaiha min qawlin wa ‘amal. Wa a ‘udhu  bika minan-nari wa ma qarraba ilaiha min qawlin wa ‘amal.
    O Allaah! We ask you for Paradise, and for any saying or act that makes us closer to it, and to  protect us from hellfire and from any saying or act that makes us closer to it. Ameen. 

    Another important dua that we need to constantly ask Allah at all times is to keep us firm and steadfast in the right path till the day we die. Also, we should pray for a noble, righteous end as we will be raised on the Day of Judgment in the same state as we died in. 

  •  Fervently seek forgiveness, purify and keep a check on our hearts, and work on instilling the above qualities of the people of Jannah. 



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  1. Jazakunna Allahu khayran, this was beautiful!

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